Are you ready to stop justifying yourself? To stop defending your dreams and desires?

Are you ready to stop outsourcing love and pleasure? To start getting what you need from YOU, to allow anything that does not contribute to that fall away? 

Are you ready to let go of the need for other people's approval and validation? To see the world through fresh eyes that belong only to you?

To burn with passion? To delight in your senses? To truly CLAIM your life? 

You are here on this earth, in your incredible human body for a brief moment in time and you are here for one reason; to come fully, wildly and wonderfully ALIVE. 

It is time to understand that being yourself, getting to know yourself, living as the most authentic you, and truly putting yourself first is not the sin you have been made to believe it is. The true tragedy comes from spending your whole life so worried about what others need, want and expect from you that you never get to know who you really are and SHINE.

begin your journey

sacred and embodied sensuality

Spiritual gift awakenings

soul-aligned friendships 

How could your relationships shift if you lived each day with playful curiosity? What it would feel like to explore your body as a pleasure portal for the Soul?

Deamor your yoni, your body, your heart.

What would be possible for you if you questioned all your pre-conceived notions about sex, relationships, and sensuality?

The promise isn’t “life change.”It’s an invitation to a deep, fully body, soul awakening.

Your body is a vessel for your soul to explore the passions, pleasures, sensations, expansions and contractions of the human experience. Stretch, expand.

That’s where the power of sisterhood comes in.
That’s the Venus Initiation.

embrace your life

Imagine How Your Life Could Open To You If

you lived in enchantment

When you tune into your senses, life unfurls for you.
When life unfurls, anything is possible.

Hi, I’m


I first experienced the power of sisterhood and circle a few years ago through my coaching certification program. I was terrified before our first call - and truly that fear continued for a few weeks. Slowly, I realized the wounds I had gathered throughout my childhood and into adulthood, often at the hands (or from the mouths) of other girls and women could only be healed in one way.. and that was in circle with women who were able to show up and truly witness me. 

It wasn't about advice or “fixing” - it was about safety. 

Safety to be who I am, as I am , no matter what … and still be loved and accepted.

Often, no words were said at all. It was simply knowing that no matter what I needed, no matter what I shared or held inside, it was okay for me to be me. This truth has changed so much for me. I can’t wait for you to experience this, too.

in all her majesty?

Are you ready to experience the divine feminine Venus 

answer her call

As she exists in you, and all around you as an expression of you.

- Experience greater intimacy with yourself, your pleasure, and your desires.
- Become a vessel for the divine expressions Venus: love, sensuality, magnetism, fierceness
- Hold space and witness other women through their journeys (and have the same done for you!)
- Embrace your sensual awakening, explore the mysteries of womanhood, and connect to the Venisian archetype.

This isn’t about becoming anything, this is an exploration of the layers of magic that already exists within you.

You already have the ingredients to live a delicious life.

Join me (Jenny) and a collective of women who are ready to claim the path of pleasure as the portal to self-sourcing your bliss.

that goes down inside

the magic

experience magic

This is a twelve week sacred container that includes workshops, ceremony, ritual, special guests and more, designed to help you connect to your deepest, truest self. To learn to express your unique sensuality and femininity and embody Venus in your own SPECTACULAR way. 




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Have Questions? Feel free to reach out via any of my social accounts or email directly to

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