Do you hear the whispers of ' is this all there is? ' or ' there has to be MORE than this?' 

Do you feel like you are not enough and too much all at the same time? 

Did the fairytales steer you wrong and now you wonder if you will ever have the relationship you dream of?

Is it terrifying to think of leaving and yet you know you can not stay?

Have you watched your world crumble and now need to figure out how to rebuild?

Are you ready to:

wake up every day fully turned on?

feel the power of your desires? 

receive and accept a life full of passion and pleasure?

reclaim the magic of being a woman and adore who you are?

Ignite your faith and belief that the world and the men in it are inherently good. Open yourself up to receive deep orgamismic pleasure, abundance, and joy in your everyday life - it’s not something to reserve for special occasions. Solidify such a strong sense of self worth - that you’re great if they stay and you’re great if they go. You alone determine your Self worth and, damn, does it feel delicious. Gain an understanding of the distinct difference between truly empowered use of sexual energy versus pretending to be empowered as a manipulation to gain love.

As you heal yourself from trauma and conditioning you will learn rituals and embodiment techniques that keep you consistently connected to your deepest knowing and your intuition. So that you always know the answer and never have to look outside of yourself for it ever again.

I will help you:

Your Soul came here to Bask in Love Are you ready to claim what you deserve?.

I'm Soul Ready!

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Reclaim and RISE

is a twelve month program that includes three 60 minute calls a month, and one week of deep personal processing work.

I create personalized guided meditations, journaling prompts and monthly moon rituals for each of my clients and do weekly and monthly oracle card readings.

Your "homework " includes spiritual and embodied work that is created through you and for you individually.

You will have access to me seven days a week through the messaging app Voxer and an opportunity to add on an in person VIP day to work together in ultimate luxury.  

It's a  journey back to you and the woman you desire to be.

I have turned myself inside out trying to be loved, I have played small in order to please the men in my life, I have stayed quiet to keep the peace and thought I could love someone enough to save them from themselves. I have stayed until I hated the person I shared a bed with and I have left someone I loved with all my heart when I knew staying would destroy me. 

Through it all I felt that I was unworthy of love, I was too much, I was not enough and I was definitely easy to leave. The journey to where I am now has not been a straight line and certainly has not been painless. It has taken me into the darkest corners of myself where I discovered someone who is pretty badass, someone who loves people passionately, has a wild sense of adventure and a wicked sense of humor, a person who is opinionated and compassionate. Who LOVES to eat and dance and who will never accept less than she deserves again.

Read about my story 

Heal the relationship you have with yourself, so you may open yourself up to a wonderful relationship with another soul…

if you so choose.

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"When you are ready to create a life of limitless love she is the coach for you."

"Jenny is an absolute goddess in every sense of the word, working with her is like having a sit down with Aphrodite and Venus where you first learn to truly love yourself. Then through that magnificent expression of self love begin to magnetize and call in someone who is truly able to meet you on the deepest level of the soul. Jenny meets you right where you are." - Bethany Bubenzer | Soulful Business Coach

"I couldn't recommend her work or her essence more."

Of all the many ways I can describe Jenny, I think authentically genuine and raw sums it up most beautifully. I immediately gravitated towards her light and felt totally at home and safe in her presence. Jenny has a uniquely crafted way of getting to the heart of the matter, while holding you in a nurturing embrace. I treasure every moment I have the opportunity to spend with this dynamic, fierce and deeply loving human. -Stacie Barber Conscious Mindset Mentor

"Jenny lets you be human while gently nudging you to be more for yourself..."

"Jenny cares deeply for each of her clients. I swear that commitment, love, and kindness alone has healed some of my biggest, most gaping wounds. Her coaching comes from a deep, sovereign place, and you just know she is coaching with wisdom from beyond this lifetime. Her guidance is potent because she has walked the journey of healing." - Brittany Landry 

"Jenny Dale has had an enormous effect on my life since the day I met her."

Before I started life coaching, I was at a very all time low in my life. I was very depressed and anxious after a toxic breakup that tore me to pieces and made me feel worthless and lost. From my very first session she has inspired me to move forward everyday and set goals for myself. Jenny helped me channel my inner child which is something I’ve never done before, manifest, and helped me realize what I want in relationships, life, and in my future career.  -Carter Macdiarmid

Are you ready? Are you ready to step on to your path of healing?

The time is now and you are worth it. Every thing you desire is right there inside of you.

The love, the fire, the trust, the romance, the wild adventurer! You do not have to walk this path alone, I have been where you are and am ready to walk beside you and guide you on your way. Let's do this!

I see you, I feel you, 

And it would be the greatest honor of my life to support you on this path.
The path back to your deepest knowing, your embodied wisdom, the sheer delight and pleasure of the gift of being a cosmic being in a human body.

You are incredible.

And I love you.

I’m here for you.

You deserve to feel the warmth of the radiant sun on your face and in your Soul.