Meet Jenny

I am a mama of 3, a sun drenched ocean worshiper, who loves nothing more than being deep in the forest. A wild, introvert and all around homebody/adventurer.

I was 46 the first time I attended a goddess circle and I have never looked back. It was there that I first felt the radical acceptance of sisterhood. It felt like an ancient remembering, like coming home to myself. The power of sisterhood opened me up to the infinite possibilities in me dying to be birthed.

Don’t let the blonde hair fool you...

I love to dive head on into the deep end of conversation around the heart and soul of what it truly means to come alive. I have lost my taste for the shallow end of the pool and truly thrive on swimming the deep, dark waters of being human. 

Through out my life I have moved from obstinate little girl to /From teenage mother to preschool teacher to High Priestess. I have long since let go of getting things “right” and have learned that being fully alive comes with the risk of having your heart broken, but it is totally worth it ( or- I would not have it any other way) 

I never imagined life would bring me here and I would not change a thing. 

Everything in my life , every misstep , every failed relationship taught me the resiliency I use day to day to coach women to become the most empowered version of themselves. 

My greatest passion in life is helping other women come alive with purpose.

fun facts About Me

Billy Joel is my all time favorite musician, I got my first album of his when I was 7 and have seen him in concert 11 times

I have sled in White Sands New Mexico, swam in a Bio- Luminescent bay in Puerto Rico and Hot Air ballooned over Temecula California. I love all kinds of adventure.

I am a hard core football fan ( Patriots), I consider it a place to put my unexpressed rage. 🙂

Rollercoasters make me super happy

I love food, I really love to eat. Good food is a deeply spiritual experience for me...

Swimming in the ocean is one of my favorite things to do. I could play in the waves all day.

My middle school crush was Prince. Seeing Purple rain ...well it changed literally everything for me! 

My favorite book of all time is ' The mists of Avalon' by Marion Zimmer Bradley, it felt like coming home to my ancient self and introduced me to everything magical and witchy. 

I love and live by the moon , her power and her cycles influence every area of my life. 

One-On-One Immersions

Venus Initation

Experience greater intimacy with yourself, your pleasure, and your desires. Join me (Jenny) and a collective of women who are ready to claim the path of pleasure as the portal to self-sourcing your bliss.



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Learn More

Signature program

vip DAYS

Spend a day that is uniquely designed just for you. VIP Immersion Days are a day to connect with Venus the Goddess of love and desire - and to the Goddess inside of you. 

Together we will explore all you have been through, all you dream of and chart the course for you to reclaim every piece of who you are. You will rise like the Golden Phoenix from the ashes and take flight. This is an investment in you. It is not about becoming some one you are supposed to be it is about uncovering the incredible goddess you already are. You were born wild and free and full of magic. It is time to step fully into the joyful adventure awaiting you and claim the love and life you so richly deserve.

One year, VIP coaching program

is a deep dive into you, a level of you, even you have never seen before.

Reclaim & Rise

"When you are ready to create a life of limitless love she is the coach for you."

"Jenny is an absolute goddess in every sense of the word, working with her is like having a sit down with Aphrodite and Venus where you first learn to truly love yourself. Then through that magnificent expression of self love begin to magnetize and call in someone who is truly able to meet you on the deepest level of the soul. Jenny meets you right where you are." - Bethany Bubenzer | Soulful Business Coach

"I couldn't recommend her work or her essence more."

Of all the many ways I can describe Jenny, I think authentically genuine and raw sums it up most beautifully. I immediately gravitated towards her light and felt totally at home and safe in her presence. Jenny has a uniquely crafted way of getting to the heart of the matter, while holding you in a nurturing embrace. I treasure every moment I have the opportunity to spend with this dynamic, fierce and deeply loving human. -Stacie Barber Conscious Mindset Mentor

"Jenny lets you be human while gently nudging you to be more for yourself..."

"Jenny cares deeply for each of her clients. I swear that commitment, love, and kindness alone has healed some of my biggest, most gaping wounds. Her coaching comes from a deep, sovereign place, and you just know she is coaching with wisdom from beyond this lifetime. Her guidance is potent because she has walked the journey of healing." - Brittany Landry 

"Jenny Dale has had an enormous effect on my life since the day I met her."

Before I started life coaching, I was at a very all time low in my life. I was very depressed and anxious after a toxic breakup that tore me to pieces and made me feel worthless and lost. From my very first session she has inspired me to move forward everyday and set goals for myself. Jenny helped me channel my inner child which is something I’ve never done before, manifest, and helped me realize what I want in relationships, life, and in my future career.  -Carter Macdiarmid